Wednesday, April 16, 2014

some news about the future

hello friends! 
we hadn't updated here in some time because we didn't have much to say.. 
but now the tables have turned and we have too much to tell!

first of all we're gonna release a new EP with 4 brand new songs, and it's gonna be rad!
more info and music coming soon..

next month we're gonna play 4 shows in Israel:

10/5/14 @ Koro (Tel Aviv)
Brutal Assault 
(half of Sweatshop Boys are a part of this legendary hardcore band celebrating 10 years of rage)

 (heart twisting post punk from Germany)

(fast and furious HC/Punk from Germany)

and we're super excited to play 3 shows with Canadian power pop/punk sweethearts Sonic Avenues!

29/5/14 @ Koro (Tel Aviv)
30/5/14 @ Syrup (Haifa)
31/5/14 @ Uganda (Jerusalem)

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